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Flutter around like the beautiful little fairy you always wanted to be this Halloween! This childs GreenPixie Halloween Costume is  Guaranteed to be the center of attention, this gorgeous little costume includes a leotard with attached petal style tutu, shimmering green wings with white fancy outline.

This little pixie costume is a perfect combination of sweetPixie Halloween Costume ness and exquisite hand crafted work. This Pixie Halloween Costume outfit comes with the stunning green dress which features a multi layered organza tutu and frilled laces in front, adorned by bold contrasting leaf embellishment.

Add the lovely green wings and aGreen Pixie Child Tiara (sold separately) along with the magic Green Pixie Wand and watch your little darlings strut around the neighborhood in their cute winged dresses. They are so beautiful your kids will want to wear them all throughout the year.

•    Available in sizes x small 2/4
•    Small 4/6
•    Medium 6/8
•    Large 10/12
•    Includes dress and wings
•    Does not include tiara or wand
•    Excellent customer reviews rated overall 5 Stars
•    Wings really stand out easy to take on and off
•    Great quality second to none
•    Fast shipping
•    In stock now

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Pixie costumes are highly favored amongst young partygoers. When you wear them, you soar through all imaginations, traversing a never-grow land. This stunning outfit is sure to take everyone’s breath away.

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Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Child Costume

Neverland is a place where dreams are born, and you will truly look like a dream in our lacey leaf Tinker bell Pixie Halloween Costume, The sweet look of a beautiful princess when you don this cute Halloween outfit.

Dress has a chiffon layer on top and a sequined flower neckline, Tinker Bell Tinker Bell  Child Costume emblem and detachable wings. Your child will be adorable come this Halloween with the beautiful white wings with blue embellishment for the real look.

Be the prettiest little fairy this Halloween and sprinkle pixie dust around and watch the magic.and don’t forget the Tnkerbell Child Costume Wand and Tiara to complete this little ensemble.

•    Available in sizes 3t-4t
•    4-6
•    7-8
•    Optional accessories, tinker bell wand (sold separately)
•    Tinker bell child tiara (sold separately)
•    Tinker bell child shoes (sold separately)
•    In stock now
•    Fast shipping
•    Great quality
•    Rated overall 4 stars

With this cute outfit you can impress visitors, friends and become the envy of the neighborhood. Don’t forget to spread pixie dust or star dust all along to give an all-natural look. Little girls just love fairies so why not dress your little one up as the fairest of them all Tink!

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Brite Sprite Sexy (Light-Up) Adult Costume

Light up your Halloween Evening in this stunning super sexy Brite Sprite Pixie Halloween Costume this year, New for 2010!,

you’ll light up the whole party as this Sexy Sprite! Literally! Costume comes with green neon fiber optic lights built in with hidden pocket for the on/off Bright Sprite Pixie Halloween Costumeswitch.

Strapless neon microfiber dress, with a silver rope belt, tiara, beautiful life like wings, and the light up wand with green neon light to complete this awesome look.

•    Available in adult sizes
•    small
•    medium
•    large
•    x-large
•    Includes, Dress, Belt, Tiara, Wand, Wings, Batteries
•    Does not include shoes

With this sexy look, this outfit gives you the opportunity to explore the mischievous side of your personality. You will shine bright and blow them all away at the party and look sexy doing it. Take her by the hand and she”ll fly you to never want to come down land!

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